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All-Time Beauty Favorites

Hi friends!

I hope you guys have a cup of coffee in hand for today’s CoffeeDate!

So to kick off my new blog, I figured I would do a “get to know me” type of post, though I wanted to keep in the theme of my blog so I thought to myself “What is better than an All-Time Favorites” post? This will hopefully let my readers know what kind of products I will be featuring, and let you know a little bit about myself in the beauty world. I will also be doing an “All-Time Fashion Favorites”, “All-Time Hair Favorites” and “All-Time Skin Favorites” video, so you should expect more in this introductory series. As always ask any questions if you find my reviews aren’t up to par or if you need any suggestions! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

First off, my all time favorite foundation is Daniel Thompson Mineralize Sheer Tint in “Light”. This is a great product, it is light and excellent for sensitive skin. This is the perfect foundation as it has SPF 20 and it goes on like a lotion, so you just rub some on your face in the morning and it evens out skin tone. It is super light, and not at all heavy, cakey or dark. If I were to buy this same color from a different brand, it would probably show up too dark on my skin, but because Daniel Thompson’s sheer tint is so easy to use and light it blends perfectly and not at all obvious which is PERFECT!

At $48.00 it might be out of the average person’s willing budget for makeup, but let me tell you it is so worth it! I have had a tube of this for the past 4 months and I am not even halfway done. It is a pump so you can determine how much you want to use, and a full pump is the perfect amount, if you were to use anymore you’d just be wasting the product. If you wanted to you could layer the entire tube onto your face and it would still look like your skin is glowing and fresh, that is how light it is. I cannot stop raving about this product. It is so easy to use!

My favorite concealer is Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in “Light”. This is great because it can also be used as a shadow base, I haven’t done this if I’m going to be honest, but I’m sure it works fine. But I always have a tube of this in my purse because it is perfect for touch-ups. I tend to only use this under my eyes, luckily I have pretty nice skin so I only need to cover dark circles, but it does so amazingly! I have used it on pimples and other irritations before and I could not rave enough about the coverage. Again this is perfect for sensitive skin, it is non-irritating even on rashes (I have excema and some times I am unfortunate enough to get it in patches on my face) and Clinique covers it up 100%.

A perfect eyeshadow is MAC Pigment in Shimmertime. Pigments can actually be used in a bazillion different ways, but I most often use Shimmertime as the color for my lid when I do everyday eye makeup.

I recently picked this up and I cannot put it down. Unfortunately, you can only get the pigment with the “Naughty Noir” Eye-bag but it is totally worth it. Shimmertime is limited edition (obviously) and the perfect color. For some reason on the picture I put up the pigment looks really dark, but it is more of a bronze, nude, pink color with a little sheen which is absolutely perfect. I use this on the lid and I layer the pigment because I really enjoy the look, with a bronze in the crease, a chocolate brown in the corner and a pearl as a highlight under my brow and it is the perfect look.

My favorite eyeliner is MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack. I had been using Clinique’s Eye Defining Liquid Liner, but for some reason they discontinued it, I cannot find it on the Clinique website or in Sephora so I’ve had to move on, which really upsets me because I’ve been using Clinique liquid liner for such a long time and have found it works amazing, but since moving on I’ve tried tons of liners, from technicals liners to liquid liners from drugstores to department stores, and my favorite now is the Fluidline.

For some reason the Blacktrack color is looking really grey but it should be clear that it is pitch black. It is really nice, goes on sort of messy if you pile too much on the brush, but it stays on the eye for such a long time. I use my eyeliner on the top of the lid, a small black line and this is perfect. I am super emotional and it stays on through my crying fits, also through my long days at school. I take 2 hours to get to my university and 2 hours home most days on public transit with loads of people, so anything that stays on through that is perfect. I HATE putting on makeup and having it fall apart before even making it to class. I’ve worn it to my boyfriends house and forgotten to take my makeup bag to his house and it is still on my eyes the next day. I cannot recommend FluidLine enough, you do need to have a liner brush to apply it, so keep that in mind if you are looking to purchase it.

For technical liners I use Daniel Thompson Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Onyx. I’ve found that often cheap liners don’t stay in the waterline very well, this is an exception to that rule. I have applied the Long Lasting Liner in the morning and have had it look almost the exact same when I take my makeup off at night. It is absolutely amazing.

From L to R: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, Daniel Thompson Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Onyx, Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner in Black.

From Top to Bottom: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner in Black, Daniel Thompson Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Onyx.

My absolute favorite mascara is Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara in Black. For some reason on the Sephora website this mascara is only rated 3/5… I cannot tell you how much I disagree with this. I find that it does make my lashes look beautifully long, separated and dark. I have naturally super dark, thick, long lashes so swiping on two coats of this makes me look like I am wearing fake lashes. My friends have borrowed this mascara from me and they love it just as much, one of them went so far as to ask me if they could take it!

The one I purchased was waterproof meaning it also holds up through my most emotional days. This is a great mascara if you are feeling short on time and don’t feel like curling your lashes, this make lashes so long that curling them isn’t necessary but when you do curl lashes in combination with this mascara, your eyes will get super dramatic which is great.

A lot of people also hate on the MAC mascaras. I got a trial size of the MAC Zoom Lash mascara in Zoomblack with my Eye bag (that I mentioned above) and I actually really enjoy it. I carry around the trial size instead of my Clinique mascara when I am going out at night or when I’m between classes and I’ve found that this MAC mascara is also amazing. It separates my lashes even better than the Clinique mascara, and makes my lashes long. Not as long as with the High Impact Curling mascara, but still makes my lashes look obviously beautiful.

For blush I enjoy MAC Powder Blush in Coygirl.

This isn’t “Coygirl”, I am unable to save that color to my computer, but none the less MAC’s Powder Blushes are amazing. “Coygirl” is a pale pink that adds a little glow and for my pale skin, adds the most natural flush I’ve ever seen.

Lips are super fun to change up from color to texture to product. My favorite lipstick is MAC Lipstick in “Angel”.

This photo isn’t actually of “Angel” but for some reason, I cannot save the right color to my computer. Anyway, “Angel” is a light pink frost. It is the absolute perfect pale pink that makes my lips look kissable and makes my bright blue eyes pop. The pale pink is dramatic in a different way than a blood red, but I find that it is just as effective. “Angel” is a super girly color and it is impossible not to feel feminine and beautiful while wearing it.

For lip moisturizer I use Korres Lip Butter in Quince. The lip butter is as moisturizing as a Chapstick but with a little bit more color for the day. I enjoy wearing it out to school when my lips aren’t looking up to par for lipstick, I use this. If you slather it on layer for layer then it becomes a darker red, like the color you would assume to see from the photo:

but if you choose to only put on one layer, your lips get the most perfect color, a nice pink touch.

Finally my absolute favorite makeup things to collect are nail polishes. It was difficult to choose an All-Time Favorite because I change my nail polish often. With other makeup, generally when I find a favorite look, I use those products day in and day out, only changing up the occasional thing so I don’t look the exact same every day. My All-Time Favorite Nail Polish is Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 in 391 Celebrity Bash. I say this is my All-Time Favorite because I have gone through four bottles of this since the first time I purchased it.

This nail color makes my nails the perfect dark red. It is both classy and vampy and pulls together any look.

Now, I couldn’t resist not adding my two other favorites of the moment that I know will become All-Time Favorites as I’ve been unable to give them up since buying them not even a month ago. They are; OPI Nail Color in Comet Loves Cupid, a gorgeous red, timeless and classic and OPI Nail Color in Royal Flush Blush. It is a great color, a pale, dusty pink, that like “Angel” Lipstick makes the wearer feel impossibly girlie and irresistible.

From Top to Bottom: Comet Loves Cupid, Royal Flush Blush

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and learned a bit about me. As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. You can even put in a request for future posts. I’m thinking about doing “What I Wore Today” posts, as well as doing easy tutorials through photos. I might also try youtube guru’s looks and rating them based on simplicity, products used and other things. I want to make fashion, makeup and beauty accessible to everyone. From those who are makeup vetrans to those just starting out!

Thanks for reading friends, KW.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any products or brands featured in this blog post. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money on my own accord. I am not receiving monetary gain by mentioning these products, I mentioned them on my own accord because I genuinely love and would recommend these products to anyone out there loving makeup and looking to try something new.)